Discover more about ATLAS’s colorful past. The timeline shows how over the last three decades ATLAS went from modest beginnings to being a major jewellery retail experience with over 50 establishments around the world.


The very first ATLAS Jewellery showroom opens in Kuwait City. The total stock is just two kilograms of gold.


ATLAS fixes the gold rate separately for 22 and 24 karat gold jewellery and pioneers transparency in the gold business by advertising the ATLAS daily gold rates through mass media as well as 24 hours a day through a telephone hotline. This marks a new era in the regional gold retail trade.

The number of showrooms in Kuwait grows to six.


ATLAS releases it’s very first video advertisement, ‘Oh Shobana!’, featuring the very popular film actress Shobana. The ad brings a new dimension to make the public aware of the exquisite products on offer at ATLAS. Ramachandran’s philosophy is “You may have the best products in your store, but unless people are informed about it you cannot achieve good sales”.


ATLAS begins their association with the World Gold Council, the first Jewellery Store in Asia to do so.

With money saved from his banking days M.M. Ramachandran starts film production and distribution with Chandrakanth Films. The very first movie production, Vaishali, is an instant classic and attains near cult status running for more than 111 consecutive days at the Box Office. ATLAS Ramachandran is now also known as Vaishali Ramachandran.


ATLAS arrives in the United Arab Emirates. The showroom is inaugurated by popular film actress Geetha at the prestigious Gold Center, Deira, Dubai.


ATLAS introduces its first Branded Jewellery Collection.