ATLAS arrives in Qatar.

ATLAS partners up with Mercedes Benz for the first ATLAS Golden Drive. 10 luxury cars are driven away by 10 lucky customers.


ATLAS diversifies into Photography Studios
and Stores.

ATLAS is commissioned to design 200 solid gold balls each weighing 1500 grams for Coca Cola’s promotion during World Cup Football.


24 hours in a day, 24 karats in pure gold, 24 Mazda cars given away by ATLAS.


ATLAS arrives in India opening our first showroom at Cochin International Airport Duty Free. Amidst tough competition ATLAS is the exclusive jewellery store and the only private concessionary to operate at the Airport Duty Free.


ATLAS arrives in Oman and Bahrain. ATLAS Jewellery grows to 25 showrooms in all and is officially the first jewellery chain to have branches in all Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

More showrooms open in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al-Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates.

ATLAS launches Syamanthaka, our flagship Diamond Jewellery Collection, with a unique offer of a 100% diamond buy-back guarantee, a feature still unmatched by any other jewellery retailer.


ATLAS signs a strategic agreement with the EMKE Group to open ATLAS Jewellery outlets in all of its LuLu Hypermarkets.


ATLAS opens a hospital in Muscat, Oman. The hospital is inaugurated by Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Ibraheem Al Abri, undersecretary at the Ministry of Civil Service.

ATLAS expands facilities at the hospital in Oman with new specialties, operation theaters, a Surgical and Maternity complex and casualty facilities.

ATLAS bags the ‘Star Performer Award’ from the Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group.


ATLAS introduces six new limited edition Branded Gold Jewellery Collections. Inspired by the natural world, they are an elegant fusion of sophistication and beauty. And they are popular. ALL the produced jewellery sets are sold out in less than thirty days.

ATLAS gives away 10 kilos of gold at a time when the gold price has surged to an all time high of over $1000 per troy ounce. It is *the* biggest promotion ever held by a single private entity.


The 75th lucky ATLAS patron drives home an automobile. This year twenty Suzuki cars are offered as prizes in yet another Golden Drive.

One Thousand and One Arabian Nights is the inspiration for ATLAS’s latest promotion. 10 years after the ATLAS Golden Take-Off, over a thousand gold sovereigns are given away again. This time, one gold coin for every night Scheherazade entertained King Shahryar with an enthralling tale, 1001 coins in all.


The Economic Depression hits the jewellery industry hard in the Gulf, but ATLAS maintains full employment, opens new branches and hires 50 new staff.

A brand new multi-specialty hospital opens in Ruwi, Muscat to deliver the very latest and highest quality healthcare in Oman.

ATLAS gives away 2010gms of gold to its customers commemorating the year 2010.


These achievements are a matter of great pride and satisfaction to us, and we recognize they have only been possible because of you, our customers, and your unwavering commitment and support. You’ve allowed us to keep busy these last 28 years and we look forward to all the coming years being just as exciting as the last!